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Our purpose is to simplify healthcare administration by driving down costs while improving the patient financial experience.


Our Commitment

Give all providers and their patients the opportunity to effectively and efficiently understand patient liabilities, provide options for them to pay, and reduce the administrative burden for all stakeholders.

Our Values


We are transforming the way the medical industry thinks about and manages patient receivables.

We encourage and promote creativity both individually and collectively to address opportunities internally and for our clients.


We recruit, attract, and promote individuals, partners, and customers with integrity, high character and ethics. We value the thoughts, feelings, and backgrounds of all stakeholders. We know trust is the foundation of all relationships and we communicate openly and honestly even when the message is difficult.


We invest where needed but we are pragmatic and sensible with our resources. We recognize the cost pressures our clients face and work everyday to reduce the administrative burden for them and their patients.

We believe: Correct > Fast + Easy

We know speed is important but doing something for the short term to solve an immediate problem will typically cost more over time. 


We value independence to achieve the desired outcomes for our business and our customers.

We take responsibility for our actions and decisions which can have both large and small impacts on others and results. We know learning is a critical component for improvement, so we operate with a growth mindset and value the gift of feedback.


At our core, we are practical problem solvers, drawing upon our deep understanding of the payer, provider, and partner realms, informed by our experiences as patients. While we possess extensive expertise, we remain humble, recognizing the endless learning opportunities. Our meticulous approach is coupled with a keen awareness of the broader perspective, allowing us to not only check all the boxes but also seamlessly connect the dots. We thrive on resourcefulness, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to driving value. Honesty, transparency, and accessibility define our interactions, forming the bedrock of our relationships. We take genuine pride in our work, finding appreciation in every opportunity to deliver value to you and your clients, a commitment that remains unwavering.

Who we are?

VP of Administration

Betty Bray

Betty Bray, VP of Administration at, began her career in accounting, honing her finance skills and strategic acumen. Transitioning to the software industry, she specialized in developing tailored solutions for SMBs, enhancing their efficiency nationwide. Now a leader in, her diverse expertise drives the company's mission to simplify healthcare administration, reducing costs and improving patient financial experiences. Based in Marietta, Georgia, Betty's journey showcases her versatility and determination, making her a key asset in our pursuit of excellence.

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Director of Client Services

Charles Mock Jr.

Charles is a forward-thinking mind who is constantly seeking to improve processes and operations through innovation. Charles gained extensive revenue cycle experience prior to joining Vantage and understands the unique challenges healthcare organizations and RCM firms must navigate daily. Charles earned two degrees from Louisiana State University – BS - Accounting and BS - Management – and currently resides in Baton Rouge, LA with his wife, Londyn, and dog, Honey.

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Client Services Coordinator

Courtlin Long

Courtlin is a recent graduate from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (concentration in Public Relations) and a minor in Business Administration. During college, Courtlin worked as an Administrative Assistant at Convergent Solutions, LLC where she assisted anesthesia and plastic surgery billing teams with gathering necessary documents. She has experience in verbal/written communication and relationship building and has proven successful working within fast-paced, collaborative settings.  

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The Numbers


20 mill

Our platform has been trained with over 20,000,000 datapoints to make accurate predictions on how best to reach out to patients and what verbiage to use.



In July 2023 we served 60% more patients and that number is still climbing up.



Our partners have implemented VantageOne in over 2,000 of their locations nation wide. This number is climbing up radpidly. 



The Vantage AI was created in 2017 and has been learning ever since making now all the decisions on how best to reach the patients.



The team behind Vantage Ai brings a wealth of experience spanning 100+ years of experience focusing in healthcare and particularly around the revenue cycle.



Every month the Vantage AI interacts with patients over 400,000 times. These interactions are not only fist time bills, but also reminders, de-escalations, and notifications regarding the medical appointment. 


Chief Executive Officer

Brian Unell

Brian is recognized as a visionary and collaborative team builder and servant leader who turns data into information, the complex into simple, and chaos into focus. Brian has experience leading transformational consulting projects, a $180M technology implementation, and a team of 1,500 people as well as personal experiences of serving on non-profit boards, and mentoring others.  He is also the author of Everyday Leadership: You Will Make A Difference.  Brian earned three degrees from the University of Florida and currently resides in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia with Hilary and their children Harris and Sara.

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Head of Physician and Ambulatory Services

W. Alden Cartwright

Alden is an energetic, relationship and growth-oriented healthcare business executive. In his Healthcare tenure, he focused on revenue cycle management as he has a passion for helping physicians and facilities get paid the money they deserve. Prior to Vantage, Alden was the President of a nationally recognized medical coding company where he generated high revenue growth, established and maintained strategic partnerships, and built elite operational teams. At Vantage, Alden is responsible for ensuring Vantage is increasing brand awareness, positioned correctly in the market, handles client relationships and ensures clients needs are exceeded.  

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Our Client Facing Team

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